Lightsnap is a disposable camera app with delivery

📷 Individual use

Have a disposable camera in your pocket at all times!

  • Purchase a film with 24 pictures
  • Photograph your friends and family
  • Get photos delivered
  • 🎉 Events

    Use Lightsnap at your event and let all the guests become photographers.

  • Purchase a group film
  • Invite your friends and family
  • Everybody takes photos that are grouped together
  • Host gets to select what pictures to print
  • Get photos delivered
  • Throwing a party?Contact us
    App screenshots

    How does it work?

    Purchase a film

    Take 24 pictures

    Get them delivered

    Frequently asked questions

    Do you ship worldwide?

    The simple answer is yes, we ship world wide and we ship out of Iceland as fast as your film has been developed. However international deliveries tend to take a few more days to arrive.

    My film has not received yet, what to do?

    If your film has not received yet you can use our Delivery tracker to see its status, you will be able to see when we posted it. If your film takes more than two weeks to arrive please contact us and we will investigate further. Usually deliveries take about a week to arrive but it may take longer depending on which country it is being sent too.

    How much does a film cost and whats included?

    You can see the film price within the app when you open up our store, the film price is different depending on what country you're purchasing from (since delivery and development cost is different in each country). What you get for purchasing an individual film is 24 pictures to take, all the pictures will be developed and shipped to your address. Delivery fees are included but some countries have toll prices on digital/physical products so you may be charged additionally from your post office.

    How can I contact Lightsnap

    You can contact us by using our live chat feature here on the website, in the bottom right corner you should see a Messenger icon where you can contact us if you have any questions, problems with the app or feedback.

    Can I purchase a film as a gift?

    Yes! You can purchase a gift card for someone else to use, you can do this in our little shop within the app. When you open the shop you can select "Gift a film" and it should guide you throught the checkout process. You will then receive an SMS to your phone number containing the gift card code and website to forward if you want to give it to someone.

    How can I redeem a gift?

    Redeeming a gift can be done within our app, when you have opened the app you can click the menu icon to the top left of the Camera screen (Home screen). When you have clicked that one you will see a few action items at the top, you can scroll the top items horizontally until you find "Redeem gift", press it and enter the gift card code you have received.